Training for peer supporters – Helsinki 23.–24.3.2019

23/03/2019 9:00 am

In the training for peer supporters you learn the basics of hosting a peer support group that promotes integration.


After the training you should:

  • be able to explain how peer support promotes integration
  • be able to take into use the communication and group leading skills discussed in the training
  • understand the role of a peer supporter
  • know how to plan, lead and evaluate a peer support group


Main contents of the training:

  • What is peer support?
  • What are peer support groups?
  • What is integration?
  • How can peer support groups promote integration?
  • What are the guidelines of leading a peer support group?
  • What is the role of a peer supporter?
  • Which ethical guidelines and codes of conduct should a peer supporter follow?
  • How to plan a group?
  • How to plan a balanced group season?
  • What are peer supporter’s tasks in a group?


Peer supporters have a big responsibility. That’s why we interview all applicants and only the ones who meet the criteria can take part in the training.

The maximum number of participants is 10. All participants need to sign the ethical guidelines of a peer supporter in the training.


Time: 23.–24.3.2019 at 9.00–16.30 o’clock and a separate planning meeting with a trainer

Place: Finnish Refugee Council, Elimäenkatu 15, 00510 Helsinki

Duration: 20 hours

Application period ends: 5.2.2019

Price: Free of charge

If you live outside the capital area, you can apply for your trips to be paid by the Finnish Refugee Council. (accommodation not included)