New Guidebook for Peer Supporters

27/05/2021 2:00 pm

Finnish Refugee Council has published a new guidebook for persons hosting peer support groups for immigrants. This publication is a part of the organization’s celebration of developing peer support for 20 years.


The guidebook explains the terminology and theoretical framework of peer support activities promoting integration, planning and hosting a peer support group and the responsible role of a peer supporter. The guidebook also suggests some possible solutions to frequent challenges of peer support groups.

Benefits for the Reader

By reading the guidebook, peer supporters gain basic knowledge about peer support activities and can avoid the most severe mistakes in planning and hosting groups. It is advised that all persons hosting peer support groups participate in a training for peer supporters. Otherwise, a real peer support group might end up being an exercise for a new beginner. All participants in the Finnish Refugee Council’s trainings get the guidebook for themselves.

Different Versions

The guidebook has been published in English and in Finnish for now. In the autumn, a Swedish version will come out.


You can find both versions on our website in the section called Tietoa ja tukea > Julkaisuja vertaistoiminnasta.

Both versions exist printed as well. You can ask the employees of the Finnish Refugee Council about them. Both versions will be donated to the Helmet-library system of the capital region and to a few other regional library systems.

Thank You for Everyone Involved

The Finnish Refugee Council wants to thank everyone involved in developing peer support activities promoting integration during these 20 years: peer supporters, VeTo-network’s members and the present and previous staff in question in the Finnish Refugee Council.

Additional info:
Petri Komulainen, Peer Support Program Officer
045-120 9036