Peer support promotes integration contains information, support and networks
to peer supporters and organisations that arrange peer activities.

Peer supporters

As a peer supporter you have the possibility to support integration of people who have moved to Finland. You can also learn useful skills of interaction. We offer training, networking and support material for peer supporters. Every year there are one to two trainings and one networking event in English.

Hundreds of peer supporters around Finland have participated in the Finnish Refugee Council’s Training for Peer Supporters. Read the Guidebook for Hosting a Peer Support Group for Immigrants and check our yearly schedule for our trainings.

Guidebook for Hosting a Peer Support Group for Immigrants

Yearly training schedule (in Finnish)


VeTo is an active forum for cooperation and mutual learning for organizations involved in peer support, including monthly meetings where we work together with a chosen theme. The meetings are usually held in Finnish and in a safe environment (online and face-to-face). In VeTo-network you get useful contacts and hear what is new in the field of peer support.

Peer support offered by VeTo-members is expected to be non-religious and non-political and the organizations must commit to the principles of good administration. The membership is free of cost and includes no obligation for active participation. Read more and join.

Read more and join (in Finnish)

Member organisations (more than 100 around Finland)

Information and support

Do you need support in planning, organizing and evaluating peer support activities? Order a custom-made consultation for your organization free of charge. At the moment consultations can be held in Finnish, Sorani (Kurdish) or Arabic.

Ask for consultation

Are you searching for a practical tool? The Finnish Refugee Council and the VeTo-network have created materials to support organizations.

Criteria of a Peer Supporter

Ethical Guidelines of a Peer Supporter

Code of Conduct of a Peer Supporter

Pre- and Post-Questionnaire

Group Plan

What Are Peer Support Group Activities?

In peer support persons in the same life situation of with similar experiences give each other support. Peer support group activities support the participants in making a positive change in their thoughts, attitude or behaviour. The goals of high-quality peer support activities meet the participants’ needs, and the activities are hosted by a trained peer supporter or a pair of supporters who are committed to following the ethical guidelines. Peer support activities can be targeted at individuals or groups, and they can be implemented both face-to-face and online.

Watch the animation about peer support activities that promote integration (at the moment only in Finnish).